Fresh, modern and a modicum of POP, but still the ever so unique “Bullets-Sound” – this is the description of Stereo Bullets’ new direction. After three studio album releases, these four passionate musicians want to break new ground. A new way with the aims of developing as a band, exhausting their full musical range and appealing to a wider array of listeners. You can’t overhear the stylistic changes through fresh and modern elements – the outstanding single “King & Queen” represents the new mature qualities of songwriting and motivates as a song stuck in your head.

Throughout the following months, a number of new singles will follow this role model, each one exceptional in their own way. Following the slogan “Change is the only constant” the band has revived their live experience and appearance with the novel songs. In the process, they try to inspire and enthuse and let their fans be part of a new creative journey. So right here, right now the Stereo Bullets are on their way to reinvent themselves without limiting their stylistic capabilities. THEY ARE JUST GETTING STARTED!